How smart are the Belgian companies? Voka knows it!


How smart are the Belgian companies? Voka knows it!

‘Being a smart company’, many companies aspire to be it, but how many of them actually are? And what are the characteristics of being smart? And what about the benefits?

While these and many other Smart Industry-related questions were answered in the corresponding SMeART survey and analysed in the Report on the companies’ needs in Smart engineering, Voka team provided an excerpt of the first results as a foretaste to the Belgian stakeholders. This news has been published in the magazine “Ondernemers” (=Entrepreneurs).

As a chamber of commerce, Voka is a network of East-Flemish companies, and thus well placed to inform entrepreneurs of the results from the questionnaire.

More than 6000 entrepreneurs in East-Flanders received the magazine ‘Ondernemers’ in April 2018 with an infographic showing the results of 5 important questions.

The Belgian results to ‘Do you recognise your company in the given definition of a smart company?’ were also compared to those of all the respondents.

Next to the question on their feeling of being competitive, also the questions on familiarity with some terms, the departments where they see opportunities for smart solutions, and for what they use production data where highlighted.

Now the Belgian entrepreneurs are eagerly waiting for the final report, which will give a detailed overview of the state of play of engineering companies in the field of Smart Engineering! Follow SMeART developments and benefit from this report, which will be published very soon here!

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